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The Translate suite of products provides the ability to translate your 3D data into the format you have selected to enable data exchange/review.

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The Publish suite of products provides the ability to share your 3D content via a document format.

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The Visualize suite of experiences provides the ability to consume your 3D data in augmented, mixed or virtual reality on several device types.

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Creating technical debt

By:   09 Jul 2019  
4 min read

Following on from my last blog on "going beyond the cool demo", here are some thoughts around creating technical debt. It is incredibly encouraging ...

Going beyond the "cool demo"

By:   25 Jun 2019  
3 min read

It is common-place for an organization that wants to start an XR project to either go to an external agency or to develop a capability in-house as a ...

New Product Release: Creo to JT Lightweight 3D ...

By:   08 Jul 2019  
1 min read

Theorem are pleased to announce the latest release of their Creo to JT product, part of the Lightweight 3D product suite. V22.1 supports Creo 3.0, ...

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