Server-based technology

Theorem Solutions has designed a solution that enhances visualization in every business; The Visualization Pipeline is a server-based technology that enables fast, efficient, flexible, and automated processing of all CAD and visualization data, while maintaining the associated metadata (retaining the essential knowledge embedded in the original source).



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A unique approach

Our unique approach to the challenge of an enterprise level workflow is built from over 25 years of experience with CAD to CAD conversion, and PLM data exchange, providing a robust application that offers full control over data preparation and optimization for the target formats.


The Visualization Pipeline a truly enterprise ready solution for all of your XR assets.  The Visualization Pipeline can manage your 3D assets and make them available to anyone that you want, anywhere in the world!

Optimized outputs for Visualization in VR, MR or AR

The Visualization Pipeline has been designed to optimize the output for all visualization workflows, supporting CAVEs and Powerwalls, but also supporting photorealistic rendering (such as Alias, VRED and 3DExcite), existing lightweight viewing technologies (such as JT, Creo View and 3D XML), and preparing 3D data for use within XR based technologies (powered by Unity and Unreal Engine). 

For businesses to extract the most value from their digital assets, data must be made available to all, irrespective of their toolset of choice.


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What can I use the Visualization Pipeline for?

Below is an image demonstrating the incredible flexibility of this tool.  As you can see, data can be prepared for a huge array of software products and output devices, including Head Mounted Displays, desktop and tablet devices.


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Automated data preparation

The Visualization Pipeline can automatically process data in the background, or on-demand with ‘save as’ and ‘drag and drop’ functionality, removing the need for dedicated data processing teams. 

Configurations can be automatically invoked when 3D CAD data is read to ensure the best quality and performance.  If required, the Visualization Pipeline will run multiple configurations against a single input file to ensure each consumption device has the optimum data for the best result.

The Visualization Pipeline processes the 3D model data, the supporting meta-data, animation/motion data, and any captures/views from within the CAD or PLM data flow.

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Data preparation for XR devices

As there is no one-size-fits-all specification for data preparation, and because the range of devices that consume visualization data is constantly expanding, data needs to be optimized (and when appropriate reduced in size, or decimated) for optimum performance on the target device.

The Visualization Pipeline offers the ability to improve data consumption efficiencies with a variety of geometry and product structure optimizations, managed as “optimization configurations” to support different device types.




A digital transformation strategy implies that your focus should be about the “digital”. However, in the 21st century, humans remain absolutely critical to how your business operates. Whilst smart factories can process vast amounts of ‘big data’, humans cannot.

Using XR technology to work with this big data bridges the gap between computers and humans...

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The Visualization Pipeline seamlessly integrates with the Theorem XR suite, enabling engineers to get closer to their creations in a full-sized, spatially relevant set of task-orientated XR experiences. 

Theorem XR also hails the beginning of the next frontier of collaboration by bringing together globally distributed teams in a manner that has not been possible until now…

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Use Cases

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