Your CAD assets contain what is probably for every engineering company its most valuable asset- its intellectual property. Intellectual property is what makes a company different from its competitors and valuable to its customers.

Consider the asset value, based on cost. If you have 10 CAD seats and have been using them for 20 years, and an engineer with overheads costs $100,000, based on cost your IP is worth $20 Million! That has to be a good reason to want to extend its value, and Theorem has the products and technology to do that. For over 25 years we have been enabling CAD users to extract extra value from their 3D CAD assets.

We began by translating complex 3D CAD assets between the leading 3D Mechanical CAD systems, a process which was extended to take those assets in to lightweight visualization systems, like 3D XML, Creo View and JT. We then enabled mechanical CAD users to load their JT data in to native CAD for data sharing and design in context processes. As 3D publishing products became available we delivered solutions to publish 3D CAD in to documents, particularly PDF documents.

For the last 5 years we have extended the value of those 3D CAD assets by enabling them to be used in eXtended Reality Experiences. Allowing engineering companies to collaborate within innovative Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences. We believe that XR will dramatically increase value creation by combining the strengths of humans and machines. These solutions can be leveraged by product development and manufacturing engineers today.

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CAD Translation

Extend the use of your 3D CAD assets by translating them to other 3D CAD or Visualization formats for internal downstream use or for collaboration with customers and suppliers.


Release more value from your proprietary 3D CAD assets by using Publish to 3D PDF or Composer, to create rich intelligent documents with text and 3D content.

eXtended Reality (XR)

Collaborative XR Experiences for Design, Factory Layout, Training, Visualization and the Visual Digital Twin for AR/MR and VR. With 3D data automatically delivered by the Visualization Pipeline.

Development Partners

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