CATIA V4 to/from NX Translator

Read and Write Data Between These Two Formats

The CADTranslate Solution

This translator is a direct database converter between CATIA and NX. It enables the user to convert all forms of mechanical design geometry, as well as assembly and attribute information, between these two systems.

This CADTranslate (previously CADverter) product can be purchased as a uni-directional, CATIA to NX, or NX to CATIA product, or as a bi-directional product. It can be used interactively or in a batch mode, from a standard G.U.I. Interface.


Key Features

  • This translator reads and writes CATIA and NX data independent of the native CAD System
  • The translator converts all geometry.
  • If assembly data (product structure) is in the file, the assembly structure will be mapped between the two systems as well as colour and layer information.
  • The user can filter data to optimize the process.
  • If you wish to visualise and interrogate the CATIA or NX files this can be done by using the integrated CADviewer, which is included with this CADTranslate product.

Legacy Data Migration Services

For companies wishing to migrate their legacy CADDS or CATIA V4 data to an alternate system we can provide a data migration service, where we take your data and migrate it to the system of your choice on an agreed cost basis.

A Logical Approach to CAD Data Exchange

What should you consider when starting a CAD Data Exchange project?

This article aims to help people highlight, and then side-step, common problems that may occur during their data exchange lifecycle.

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