CADverter is a fully compliant STEP AP203 processor for NX. It enables the user to convert all forms of mechanical design geometry, as well as assembly and attribute information, from NX to STEP and from STEP files into NX. In addition it supports Configuration Management (CM) data, CM data defines and controls the configuration of a products definition.

    The STEP AP203 processor for NX is available as a bi-directional product.

    • CADverter reads and writes NX and STEP AP203 data independent of the native CAD System
    • It can be used Interactively or in a batch mode, from a standard G.U.I Interface.
    • CADverter converts all geometry.
    • If assembly data (product structure) is in the file, the assembly structure will be mapped as well as colour and layer information.
    • The user can filter data to optimise the process.
    • If you wish to visualise and interrogate the NX or STEP AP203 files this can be done by using the integrated CADviewer product, which is included with CADverter.

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