CADverter is a direct database converter between NX and ICEM Surf. It enables the user to convert all forms of mechanical design geometry, and NX assembly structure, which will be mapped into a single ICEM file, it also converts attribute information, between these two systems.

    CADverter is provided as a bi-directional translator between NX and ICEM Surf.

    • CADverter can be used interactively or in a batch mode, from a standard G.U.I Interface
    • CADverter reads and writes NX and ICEM data independently to the native CAD system
    • CADverter converts all geometry.
    • If NX assembly data (product structure) is in the file, the assembly structure will be mapped into single ICEM file along with colour and layer information.
    • Currently the translator supports the I Part A File.
    • The user can filter data to optimise the process.
    • If you wish to visualise and interrogate the NX or ICEM data this can be done by using the integrated CADviewer product, which is included with CADverter.

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    Free VR plug-in for current CADverter users

    CADverter-VR is the FREE Plugin for existing users to visualize CAD assets in Virtual Reality!

    Theorem CADverter and 3D PDF Enhance users are now entitled to the free Virtual Reality Plug-in enabling a quick and easy route into VR. Learn how you can explore, and visualize your 3D CAD data at scale, in a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment using CADverter-VR.