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Publish 3D enables organizations who design with CATIA V5, CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, Creo or NX, or those that want to extend the use of their JT data, to seamlessly publish that 3D data as a PDF, and take the intelligence contained within a 3D model into the world of PDF.  This means anybody can consume, view and mark up 3D data with Adobe’s ubiquitous Reader. It eliminates the need to install specialist viewing software or to be trained to use a special tool.

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Publish 3D CAD via PDF to your supply chain


Of course, you know what a PDF file is, right? It’s a document that has been converted from something like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint so that its contents can be shared by the author; that’s it, isn’t it? Well no actually; it’s quite a bit more than that.

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Working within the Dassault Systèmes Composer architecture, the Publish 3D range provides interactive, batch and command line interfaces for CATIA Composer users to directly access JT data independently of any JT products, and is self-contained and version independent for improved ease of use. CATIA Composer users can now open JT data including geometry, assemblies, product structure, metadata and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

With the growing trend to re-use 3D design data across business enterprises, the integration of JT and CATIA Composer enables users across the enterprise to work with JT files to meet and overcome longstanding business challenges of reducing costs, improving quality and reducing timescales and delivers tangible business benefits.

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Interactively publish a 3D PDF file from within CATIA V5, CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Creo, and NX

A low-cost entry into the world of 3D PDF
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On Demand, combines an interactive capability with the ability to batch process

  1. Supports ad hoc or volume publishing
  2. Enables casual users to drag and drop native CAD files
  3. Offers independent viewing of the native CAD file
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Automated; a server-based solution for high volume use

  1. Automatically publishes 3D PDF files from native CAD.
  2. Designed to process large volumes of data
  3. It can be fully integrated into business processes and enterprise systems
  4. Incorporates technology to validate and protect your data


Almost every department within an organization will need to discuss a product’s design at some point along the process; the question is how this can be done more efficiently and utilizing existing resource? Do you need to send data for review to colleagues within your organization, or up and down your supply chain with people who don’t have the same CAD software as you?

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Model-Based Definition (MBD) is the system and techniques used to define a product as completely as possible using 3D data, eliminating the need for 2D drawings. Essentially, MBD is an annotated 3D model that includes 3D geometry, product and manufacturing information (PMI), metadata and other data elements.

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Whether your requirement is to share your 3D CAD data with your customers and suppliers using lightweight visualization formats or to carry out design reviews with colleagues locally or around the world. Theorem has solutions to support you which work with a wide range of CAD data and across different XR technologies.

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Theorem’s Publish 3D enables the publishing of 3D CAD and visualization data directly from within design applications into interactive 3D PDF documents. The published document output contains embedded interactive 3D representations of the native CAD data (within a pre-defined template).

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Whether you want to exchange your 3D CAD and PLM assets or create lightweight Visualization data Theorem has a range of solutions.  It enables you to seamlessly share data with customers and suppliers and can provide optimization and automation enabling you to reduce your operating costs.

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