CAD Translation

Extend the value of your 3D CAD data by translating it in order to support your downstream processes or to share design data with your suppliers and partners. Data translation solves those problems, and because our solutions use the CAD vendors API libraries, you are assured that the data fidelity is backed by your CAD vendors too.

The products support Brep and Tessellated data, full Product Structure, PMI data and Metadata. The rich content enables support for Model Based Engineering processes.

Our solutions give you full control of what you process and share. 

For high volume processing they can be run in batch mode and driven from PLM, or for one off tasks there is an inbuilt CADviewer enabling you to visualize your data outside of your CAD system and filter graphically.

Translate even provides a view of your data in Virtual Reality direct from your desktop.

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Advanced direct 3D CAD translation products, built on top of the CAD vendors api’s to deliver a high fidelity, rich and supportable suite of translation products between the major 3D mechanical CAD systems. As well as full product structure and geometry support, CADverter also delivers rich PMI and CAD metadata transfer.

CAD to Lightweight 3D

Supports desktop visualization using 3D XML, Creo View and JT, by taking your 3D CAD assets and translating them in to these lightweight, but rich viewing formats. Where available it supports BREP and tessellated data, metadata and PMI, enabling users to benefit from 3D data on the desktop at low cost and in support of Model Based Engineering.

CAD for use in Multi-CAD

Enables the CATIA and 3D Experience user to work interactively with data from Creo, JT and NX inside their active CAD session. It removes the need to run a separate translation process, enabling the CATIA and 3D Experience user to load Creo, JT and NX data directly in to their active design session, supporting interactive design in context processes.

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