Why use the 3D PDF Publisher for JT

Theorem’s 3D PDF Publisher for JT offers a 3D PDF publishing solution for JT users. Part of the Publish 3D product suite 3D PDF for JT offers an ISO Standard: 32000 based publishing solution for organisations who work with the JT Visualization format.

It enables companies of all sizes to create and share PDF files containing 3D representations of their JT design geometry with members of their organisations and supply chains whilst securing the intellectual property of their designs. It also allows for improved communication throughout the product design to manufacture and to market processes, opening access to data and information that previously would only be available to ‘Engineering’ to numerous multidisciplinary application areas that can benefit from 3D geometry and product structure data.

3D PDF enables users to share their engineering data created in JT with departments who do not have JT but need a 3D representation. It enables manufacturing, service departments, technical publications, purchasing, sales and marketing departments to use 3D content inside their PDF documentation based on their use case.

A 3D PDF document has many features and functions available to the user that further enhances and simplifies the data sharing process. The products and publishing solutions are based on Adobe® and Siemens PLM technology and are therefore fully compatible with Acrobat and JT. Theorem’s Publish 3D suite of products is powered by native Adobe® technology publishing toolkit, which is also used in Adobe Acrobat® and Adobe Reader®

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Example 3D PDF Documents

Feel free to download a sample interactive 3D PDF document, using the following buttons.

Please be aware though that these will open in a new browser window and will then need to be downloaded/saved as the interactive functionality will NOT work within the browser window.

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Using the JT to 3D PDF publisher

Utilizing the 3D PDF document format to share JT design data, whether it’s used to create: Purchase Orders, Request for Quotations, Engineering Change Requests, Inspection Reports, Instruction Manuals or even Sales and Marketing brochures, allows for improved communication throughout the product design to manufacture and to market processes. 3D PDF opens access to JT data and information that previously would only be available to ‘Engineering’.

Members of all departments (Engineering, Purchasing, Quality, Sales and Marketing, Support) with access to the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader® supported on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone can now consume, view and mark up the 3D representations of the original JT design data, eliminating the requirement for paper documents and the need to install and train users on specialist viewing software.

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Benefit from Improved

  • Use of your engineering product data
  • Internal and external communication
  • Decision-making
  • IP Protection
  • Product and process quality
  • Overall productivity - data re-use
  • Reduction in errors - data re-use

Gain Competitive Advantage

Using Theorem’s 3D PDF Publisher for JT, create comprehensive PDF documents which combine a range of data from internal systems such as:

  • Native JT data
  • Metadata from other internal systems
  • Most other file types e.g. Word, Excel, Tiff etc
  • Embed Interactive content
  • Use one dynamic PDF document to meet all your needs.
  • It is available anywhere using the free Adobe Reader®

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Supporting Model Based Engineering

Theorem’s 3D PDF for JT supports the processing of Model Based Definition (MBD) information when publishing 3D PDF documents from JT data.

3D annotations, dimensions (PMI/FTA/GD&T), assembly structure, geometry, views, and attribute data (where available) are published to the 3D PDF document at the point of creation helping to streamline the design and manufacturing process into a paper free digital process. U3D and PRC data transfer methods are supported.

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Which one is right for you?


ON-DEMAND: Combine an interactive capability with the ability to batch process

  1. Supports ad hoc or volume publishing
  2. Enables casual users to drag and drop native files
  3. Offers independent viewing of the native file
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A server-based solution for high volume use

  1. Automatically publishes 3D PDF files from native JT data.
  2. Designed to process large volumes of data
  3. It can be fully integrated into business processes and enterprise systems
  4. Incorporates technology to validate and protect your data
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Free VR plug-in for current CADverter users

CADverter-VR is the FREE Plugin for existing users to visualize CAD assets in Virtual Reality!

Theorem CADverter and Publish 3D On-demand users are now entitled to the free Virtual Reality Plug-in enabling a quick and easy route into VR. Learn how you can explore, and visualize your 3D CAD data at scale, in a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment using CADverter-VR.