Why Use 3D PDF?

    3D PDF enables you to share your CAD data to non-CAD users. It does that by creating a rich 3D model of your 3D CAD inside a standard PDF document. All you need is Adobe Reader to open and visualize the 3D, and any 2D content you have created.

    Chances are you already have Adobe Reader on your PC, Laptop or Tablet, if not, it’s free to download. As most companies already use PDF documents there is no need to install any software, it’s already supported by your IT systems, meaning you can use it immediately, and of course any suppliers or colleagues can use it too for free.

    There’s no learning curve, it’s a PDF document, like any other, except it has rich 3D content too.

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    Where can you use 3D PDF documents?

    Data Sharing

    Because all PC users can already consume PDF documents there is no software to buy or install. This applies internally and with customers and suppliers. Eliminating the cost of sharing data.

    Model Based Definition

    As you move to eliminate drawings by moving to model based engineering 3D PDF documents can deliver rich 3D Model Based Definition files for free and instantly consumable by manufacturing or your suppliers.

    Request For Quotation

    Eliminate the ambiguity of documents containing .jpg images or PowerPoint slides, by delivering a rich 3D PDF which can be viewed and interrogated in 3D.

    Work Instructions

    To create rich Work Instruction documents containing text and 3D model data to guide front line staff.

    Promotional Materials

    For Sales and Marketing document creation, rather than a 2D jpeg, you have an interactive 3D model.

    Technical Data Packages

    To create Technical Data Packages (TDP) containing all types of engineering content, including native CAD files, 2D drawings, STEP files, costing and product specification data and of course a 3D PDF.

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    What is 3D PDF?

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    3D PDF

    3D PDF is a standard PDF document containing 3D CAD content as a PDF file which has a wide range of uses and is free to consume.

    Composer Products

    Are a set of tools for the CATIA V5, 3D Experience and SolidWorks user for creating and publishing rich documents with 3D content including JT files.

    What is 3D PDF?

    A guide to the 3D PDF publishing format. Learn how your native 3D CAD data can be repurposed for specific use cases.

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