Exchanging engineering design data-remotely

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

The way in which we work has significantly changed in the past couple of months, and the majority of us who are still able to ...

Working in a multi CAD supply chain

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

In today’s engineering and manufacturing environment, products, especially large complex ones such as planes or cars, are not ...

Digital people

By: David Francis clock-icon 3 Min


Creating game engine assets and high quality rendering

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

When you see an advert for a car, and it’s being driven through some spectacular scenery- a mountain range, across a desert or ...

Is 2020 the year of Mixed Reality (MR)?

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 5 Min

There was a significant rise in the recognition and adoption of using XR technologies (Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality) in ...

Taking CAD out of the design office and on to the factory floor

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 4 Min

Over the last 30 years, engineering design has been transformed by the digital era; using mechanical 3D CAD systems (eg. CATIA ...

Conducting Design Reviews in XR

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

Design reviews are a critical part of the product development lifecycle- engineers meet regularly, and at key programme ...

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