How to Use CAD Data within Unity and Unreal

By: Jennifer Cox clock-icon 4 Min

Extended Reality (XR) provides a range of new opportunities for engineering and manufacturing companies. From new training ...

How Can 3D PDFs With Model Based Definition Improve Production

By: Jennifer Cox clock-icon 5 Min

What is Model Based Definition and 3D PDF? Model based definition (MBD) allows information to be contained alongside 3D CAD ...

Placing Models Using QR Codes in Augmented & Mixed Reality

By: Jennifer Cox clock-icon 5 Min

QR codes are used in so many different ways, but did you know that they can be used to enhance your XR experience as well? Since ...

Theorem-XR Q2 2022: Overview and Extended Reality Trends

By: Jennifer Cox clock-icon 7 Min

Following the Theorem-XR Q2 2022 release, we sat down with Ryan Dugmore, Consultancy Director at Theorem Solutions, to discuss ...

Theorem-AR: Multi Model Visualization Using Familiar Devices

By: Jennifer Cox clock-icon 5 Min

You most likely know that Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to visualize 3D CAD data in a real-world context. Previously in ...

How to Optimize Design Data for ANY XR Use Case

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 8 Min

How you prepare and optimize your engineering and manufacturing design data is a key step in delivering a smooth experience to ...

AR, MR or VR: Which technology is right for your engineering use case?

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 8 Min

Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality? This is a key question. You will need to understand the features and benefits of each ...

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