The CADDS to NX CADverter is a direct database converter between the CADDS Modeling Application and the NX file format, used by the Siemens VisMockUp visualization product.

    It enables the user to convert all forms of 3 Dimensional Mechanical Design Geometry and Assembly data, together with system defined attribute information and colour information, between these two systems.

    • This product reads the CADDS data independently of CADDS
    • Runs in a Windows or Unix environment
    • To improve the performance of an overall conversion process, the user may select a subset of the input CADDS data to be processed allowing the conversion process to operate on only those items that are of specific interest to the user
    • It can be invoked in either an interactive or batch mode.
    • The command line interface allows the conversion process to be integrated into any process oriented operation e.g. create a JT representation of the data while saving the data to a Data Vault.
    • Alternatively the conversion process may be operated by using a standard Graphical User Interface. This allows casual users to make effective use of the product without needing to remember complex command syntax.

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    Legacy Data Migration Services

    For companies wishing to migrate their legacy CADDS data to an alternate system we can provide a data migration service, where we take your data and migrate it to the system of your choice on an agreed cost basis.

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