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Theorem-XR provides solutions which enable companies in a fully automated process to use their rich 3D CAD data in eXtended Reality (XR), to address a number of different use cases. Our XR Experiences provide solutions for Design Review, Factory Layout, Training, Work Instructions, Visualization and the Visual Digital Twin.

The solutions are available for Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality devices and the experiences work collaboratively, enabling remote teams and home based staff to work in an immersive environment, using the device of their choice. Even desktop users can join a collaborative session.

All engineering companies have rich content in the form of 3D CAD data, and the Visualization Pipeline provides a fully automated process which takes 3D CAD assets directly in to Theorem-XR, or for the creation of Unity or Unreal assets for use in internally developed XR solutions.

The Visualization Pipeline can be integrated in to a PLM workflow, or engineers using CAD can save their files directly in to XR. None CAD users can drag and drop files on to the pipeline, which automatically creates XR assets.





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Xr experiences and Visualization Pipeline


The Visualization Experience enables a user to visualize 3D CAD data at full scale and in context and interrogate the data in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality devices.

Design Review

With the Design Review Experience a group of designers can collaboratively review a design milestone in full scale and in context, make comments and annotate the design for later review.

Factory Layout

The Factory Layout Experience enables an individual or group of engineers to layout a work cell, production line or full factory using Mixed and or Virtual Reality


Guides provides a solution to create Training or Work instructions to teach a front line worker on a build process, or guide an experienced worker during a complex task. It does this using Mixed or Virtual Reality headsets and Desktop devices.

Visual Digital Twin

The Visual Digital Twin delivers a rich 3D digital model allowing it to be overlaid on top of a physical object and tracked. For use in inspection, training, packaging and in support of a full Digital twin.

Visualization Pipeline

The Visualization Pipeline is a fully automated solution that prepares your CAD data for use in XR. It can be run in batch mode, processing data triggered by PLM processes, or for a CAD user it's as simple as "save as". Or for the non CAD user drag and drop from the file system.

Learn how Valiant TMS adopt Theorem-XR for their Merged Reality Concept 

Theorem’s Visualization Experience software has provided Valiant TMS with a unique opportunity to visualize 3D CAD models placed directly over real world equipment, tooling and components.

Valiant TMS’ use of the software has improved their ability to quickly
inspect tooling and components prior to acceptance from their vendors, ensuring that as-built components match as-designed plans, saving time and money at the assembly site.

Download the full user story and learn how THEOREM-XR can help your team get the most out of your CAD assets.

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Valiant - USer Story - Theorem XR-2

Learn how NCR digitally transform their design reviews with Theorem-XR

ATM manufacturer NCR (National Cash Registers) have revolutionised their design review and prototyping processes with the help of Theorem-XR, saving an estimated £390,000 in their first year with a ROI in under two months!

Their process prior to using Theorem XR was to physically manufacture multiple versions of the product to conduct their design review, before sending the final design to production.

Download the full user story and learn how THEOREM-XR can help your team get the most out of your CAD assets.

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NCR - USer Story - Theorem XR-1

Working with your 3D CAD at full scale and in context

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