Translation Solutions between STEP and the Siemens JT and NX formats.


Translate your 3D CAD data between the STEP and JT visualization formats.

Product Information

Translate your 3D CAD data between the STEP and NX formats.

Product Information

Many companies use STEP as the means of addressing collaboration between their business partners and themselves. Theorem has been providing high quality STEP solutions for both high end and mid range CAD systems since 1993. Many of the world's leading companies use Theorem products to meet their STEP requirements.

Theorem has long been active members of PDES Inc and the ProSTEP iViP Association helping lead the development of STEP technology. More recently we have developed the first AP203 E2 processor supporting the exchange of GD&T data for STEP. In addition we have done pioneering work to demonstrate the use of STEP for the exchange of feature and history data.


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