Share 3D CAD Design Data in the lightweight 3DXML, Creo View or JT visualization formats


    Quickly and easily capture and share live and accurate 3D data in the universal lightweight 3DXML format.

    3DXML Products
    Creo View

    Our Creo View adapters can be integrated into Windchill, DIVISION Graphics Server or other PDM environments.

    Creo View Adapters

    Create JT data from native CAD but also take JT data and create native CAD data and STEP files

    JT Products

    Enabling the exchange of design data through use of lightweight formats

    Theorem provides solutions for all of the major lightweight viewing formats and enables you to create and consume that data for a variety of downstream purposes.

    Lightweight 3D visualization data is used for a wide range of purposes, including desktop viewing, full scale digital mock up and for sharing data with suppliers. It is used in support of a wide range of engineering processes and for supplier communication. Being lightweight whilst representing the shape and structure of source CAD, it limits the depth of intellectual property (IP) being shared, so protects IP.

    As well as geometry and product structure data, it can be used to share PMI (GD&T) information and Metadata internally and with customers and suppliers, thereby supporting the move to Model Based Engineering.

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    Typical Use Case Scenario for Lightweight 3D products

    If you find that you need to work with or share visualization data as part of your design and manufacturing process Theorem’s Lightweight 3D suite of products offer direct translation of 3D data for the purpose of Visualization.

    Lightweight data formats have different use cases to mechanical CAD and due to the increasing sophistication of visualization systems, the requirement to exchange visualization data is helping to enhance collaboration.

    Whilst visualization formats help to secure Intellectual Property, at the same time they support a rich enough set of design data intelligence that suppliers have all of the information required to complete their job.

    Collaboration between business partners, whether suppliers or customers, is increasingly being achieved today with the exchange of Visualization data with an emerging requirement to read Visualization data back in to the native mechanical CAD system.



    Using the Lightweight 3D Product

    Use Lightweight 3D to receive, create, or share data for Visualization format.

    • Lightweight 3D products are Direct Database Converters.
    • Available in Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional configurations dependent upon the product.
    • Conversion processes can be run interactively or in batch.
    • Support for 3D Product Manufacturing Information between systems
    • Support for data filtering optimizes data and conversion times.
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    As an independent company, with strong, long standing business relationships with all major CAD vendors, we can objectively offer best in class data exchange solutions to meet many use case requirements for organizations of all sizes.

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