For customers using CATIA V5 there are 3 products available all of which have their own specific benefits:

CAA - CADverter

Theorem’s high quality and cost effective CADverter solutions help to solve the issue of working with and sharing, incompatible data formats. The CADverter products enable the direct translation of 3D data to or from most mechanical CAD systems, as well as STEP. It enables the translation of the assembly structure, geometry, attributes and, where available, 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and Metadata between the leading mechanical CAD/CAM systems.

Independent CADverter

Licenses of vendor-specific CAD applications can be expensive resources to purchase and also to maintain, so it doesn’t help when they are tied up for long periods of time or when there aren’t enough available licenses to be able to multi-task different design projects effectively.

The CATIA V5 Independent product is the ideal solution for CATIA V5 users who have to create, consume, or supply native 3D mechanical design data in both lightweight and mechanical CAD formats to customers and suppliers when limited resources are available.

Theorem’s CATIA V5 Independent solution helps support collaboration between companies, their customers and suppliers, enabling original 3D mechanical design data to be re-used in downstream activities helping to increase data quality and reduce overall project costs; without needing access to a license of the CATIA V5 application.

Theorem's 'Translate' products support the translation of 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) assembly structure, geometry, attributes and Metadata between the world's leading mechanical CAD/CAM systems enabling Model-Based Engineering.

Interactive Multi-CAD

When developing large and complex products such as cars or airplanes, designers can be faced with the need to use numerous CAD systems in-house, on a single product design and manufacturing task. Theorem’s Multi-CAD solution allows designers and engineers working in CATIA to incorporate parts and assemblies from the other CAD systems, such as NX, Creo, and JT data within the CATIA environment without having to use external translators. Multi-CAD maintains associativity which empowers CATIA users to automatically update their CATIA design with changes authored in the foreign CAD system. Multi-CAD then tracks changes and updates the master model.

Dassault Systemes Software Partner

Theorem Solutions is a totally independent company but with a strong and long-standing business and technical relationship with Dassault Systemes. The provision of CAA and Multi-CAD technology by Dassault Systemes enables us to develop a very wide range of products and solutions for the CATIA V5 user. Using Dassault's CAA and Multi-CAD development tools enables Theorem's CATIA V5 products and solutions to consistently keep pace with Dassault's software releases and CATIA V5 enhancements.

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