SOLIDWORKS Translators

Translation Solutions Between SOLIDWORKS and the JT Visualization Format.

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Translate your 3D CAD from SOLIDWORKS to the JT visualization format.

Why Theorem Solutions?

Theorem is particularly proud of its strong relationship with SOLIDWORKS holding the status of SOLIDWORKS Solutions Partner enabling Theorem's SOLIDWORKS products and solutions to consistently keep pace with the vendors software enhancements and developments. Theorem's advanced data translation tools are delivering new functionality to support SOLIDWORKS users.



Learn more about our full product range with CADTranslate, CADPublish, and TheoremXR

Detailed and accurate CAD translation

Accessible and informative 3D PDF documents

Collaborative and optimized XR visualization

A Logical Approach to CAD Data Exchange

What should you consider when starting a CAD Data Exchange project?

This article aims to help people highlight, and then side-step, common problems that may occur during their data exchange lifecycle.

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