3D PDF Webinar Recording

Our latest webinar; "Taking CAD out of the Design Office using 3D PDF" is now available to view. The webinar helps to educate on the features and benefits of the interactive 3D PDF format.

As a quick overview, 3D PDF is based on Adobe® technology, conforming to ISO 32000-1 standard. It is a publishing solution for organisations of all sizes who design with mechanical CAD. 

3D PDF’s are the ideal choice when needing to share, exchange and consume CAD and PLM assets outside of the traditional engineering design space.

The standard features of an Adobe 3D PDF document make for the perfect interactive viewer. It is lightweight, portable and secure making it easy for CAD and PLM assets to be shared, exchanged and consumed outside of any source application, without requiring specialist knowledge.

Watch the webinar here, or continue down for our example 3D PDF documents.

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Feel free to download a couple of our example of 3D PDF documents.  There is a choice of two; Bill of Materials and Work Instructions. Each have differing functionality. These documents are based on example templates that are only a guide as to what is possible. Templates can be designed to suit your process and use cases.

Please be aware though that these will open in a new browser window and will then need to be downloaded/saved as the interactive functionality will NOT work within the browser window.

Bill of Materials  Work Instruction

You can see which formats we support below.


Supported CAD formats

Our Publish suite of products offers a 3D PDF publishing solution for users of the following CAD and Visualization applications. 

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Of course, you know what a PDF file is, right? It’s a document that has been converted from something like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint so that its contents can be shared by the author; that’s it, isn’t it? Well no actually; it’s quite a bit more than that.

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