CATIA Composer and SolidWorks Composer

Theorem provides two Composer solutions, one for CATIA and one for the SOLIDWORKS user, they enable 3D content held in JT files to be consumed and used in Composer products.

JT is not a CAD tool it is a Visualization and Data Exchange format, JT files are created from a range of 3D CAD systems. JT files as well as delivering 3D geometry also include Product Structure, Metadata and PMI data all of which can be loaded in to Composer. Whilst JT has its own product structure format, recent releases of JT also support product structure data from PLM XML and STEP AP 242 formats. Your JT files may therefore contain those alternate product structure data types.

Developed using a combination of the Siemens JT Open and Dassault Systems strategic XCAD technology and SolidWorks API’s; this ensures full compatibility with all systems and support by all vendors.




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