Visualization Experience

Review CAD and PLM design data at full scale and in context

What is the Visualization Experience?

The Visualization Experience provides the ability to review 3D assets, and view 3D models at full-scale, in whichever XR output device a user chooses.  The application is available in Virtual and Mixed Reality headsets, and on desktop and laptop devices. Exploiting the power of ‘consumer XR’, the application empowers engineers to inspect 3D data in a spatial context, visualizing their models at full scale.

Making the most of full-scale

The Visualization Experience provides the essential tools to view, navigate, explode, section and measure, in addition to displaying metadata from CAD, and has the ability to display other data (including data pulled from external databases) alongside the 3D content.

In Virtual Reality you can view your 3D models at full-scale in a virtual context (scene), potentially simulating an environment that is not readily accessible, or doesn’t exist physically yet. In Mixed Reality, you can view a hologram of your 3D assets at full size in the real world, which gives true spatial context to the model. Mixed Reality can instantly highlight any interference with physical objects.

Why should I use the Visualization Experience?

Engineering companies have a major 3D asset - their CAD data. The Visualization Experience enables engineers to see their product (3D CAD assets) at full scale and in context and be immersed in it. CAD cannot do that. The CAD user is looking at their 3D data through a 2D device- it is not at scale or in context.

By facilitating that, the Visualization Experience enables engineers to assess the look and feel, the scale, and spatial elements of the product in a more intuitive way. Scale means clashes or interference with other items is instantly understood. The aesthetics of a product are easily understood when you can walk around or get inside of the product. Using Virtual Reality you can see your product in the context of a full digital world. Using Mixed and Augmented Reality you can see your product in your world, your office, showroom or factory. Seeing it in context closes the Cognitive Gap.

A design engineer visualizing a car engine design using mixed reality technology.

Multi-user XR Collaboration

Multi-User XR Collaboration offers an innovative solution for teams to work together seamlessly, transcending geographical barriers and enhancing productivity. In today's interconnected world, where remote work and dispersed teams are increasingly common, TheoremXR provides a dynamic environment for real-time collaboration.

  • Immersive design reviews: Evaluate milestones and designs in shared virtual spaces.
  • Optimized layouts: Collaboratively review and optimize factory or workstation layouts.
  • Remote training: Engage remote staff with immersive simulations for hands-on learning.
  • Data security: Ensure confidentiality with robust encryption and access controls.
  • Enhanced productivity: Accelerate decision-making and foster creativity in a connected environment.

Automated Data Processing

Preparing data for the Visualization Experience is a seamless fully automated process using the Visualization Pipeline. You can “save as” from your CAD session, drag and drop from the file system or drive it directly from your PLM workflow.

Supporting large datasets and high-quality rendering

Combining the power of Azure Remote Rendering (ARR), and the advanced data preparation and optimization capabilities of the Theorem Visualization Pipeline, large datasets and high-quality rendering constraints can be instantly removed for users of Mixed Reality devices, such as HoloLens 2.

A layout engineer visualizing a factory in mixed reality using the HoloLens 2.

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