What is the Visualization Experience for XR?

The Visualization Experience is the foundation layer for the Theorem XR suite of experiences.  Exploiting the power of ‘consumer XR’, the application empowers engineers to inspect 3D data in a spatial context, visualizing their models at full scale.



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Why should I use the Visualization Experience?

The Visualization Experience provides the essential tools for you to view, navigate, explode and section, in addition to interrogating materials and other information (including data pulled from external databases).

In Virtual Reality you can view your 3D models at full-scale in a virtual context (scene), potentially simulating an environment that is not readily accessible, or doesn’t exist physically yet. In Augmented Reality, a view of the natural world is overlaid with a layer of your digital content (see image aside). And, in Mixed Reality, you can view a projection of your 3D assets at full size in the real world, which gives true spatial context to the model.

Mixed Reality can instantly highlight any interference with physical objects.



Today’s products are rarely developed with the luxury of co-located teams.  The reality often involves collaboration across international borders.  Globally distributed engineering is practically unavoidable, and this will increasingly place a challenge on effective collaboration between engineering teams.  Exceeding the capabilities of significantly more expensive commercial VR solutions, the Visualization Experience has been developed with the goal of bringing globally distributed teams closer together

With the addition of our collaboration functionality, the spatial context can be applied to the demonstration of a new idea to a colleague, or it can enable complete teams to come together to address a problem that would be tough to explain out-of-context. With Mixed Reality, teams in the same room will see each other through their devices.


How Theorem Solutions can help you

The out-of-the-box Visualization Experience provides an entry point to the Theorem suite of XR-based experiences.  It can provide you with the ability to quickly access and inspect an assembly and component data to better understand the details and complexities of your 3D models

The Visualization Experience is available on all XR platform types (AR, MR & VR).

Additional functionality, such as the ability to grab and move your 3D data, is available by adding on one, or more, of the other XR Experiences which are focussed on specific use cases:

  1. Design Review
  2. Product Layout
  3. Work instructions/Training
  4. Factory Layout/Design
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VR Image

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) places the user into an entirely simulated (computer generated) environment, by standing in a CAVE or using a headset (for example HTC Vive). It entirely occludes the user’s natural surroundings.

Augmented Reality Goggles

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) presents a view of the natural world overlaid with a layer of digital content. This can be viewed through the screen of a smartphone or tablet (for example Apple’s ARKit), or limited information presented using a head mounted device (for example Google Glass or Vuzix Blade).

MR Image

Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality (MR) places a holographic projection of digital data into, and in some cases responsive to the physical world (for example Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap). An MR head mounted ‘visor’ is clear, providing a comfortable view of the natural world (rather than viewing through a device screen).

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