3D Data Translation

The Translate family of products supports the translation of 3D assembly structure, geometry, attributes, Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), and metadata between the worlds’ leading mechanical CAD/CAM systems enabling Model-Based Engineering.


Theorem’s high quality and cost effective CADverter solutions help to solve the issue of working with and sharing, incompatible data formats.  Theorem’s CADverter solutions help to achieve a completely digital product lifecycle process, from concept, to design, to production.

CADverter reduces costs and time to manufacture, improves quality, and increases transparency through a reduction in ambiguity by eliminating potential errors.

Supported Applications

Using CADverter products

If you are working with suppliers on different design projects, or have a single partner with a specific but different CAD system to yourselves, then the CADverter products give you the edge and capability that you need to receive, create, or share CAD data that is not native in your own company.

  • CADverter facilitates the re-use and sharing of 3D design data created in an incompatible format.
  • Provides ISO STEP solutions.
  • Integrated directly within vendor applications but can be used in batch.
  • Built with development tools and APIs supplied and supported by the CAD and Visualization vendors.
  • Provides support for exchanging Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) data for downstream activities.
  • The world’s leading Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Power Generation, and Transportation companies and their supply chains use Theorem’s products on a daily basis.

Supported Applications

Theorem's 'Translate' products support the transition of 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), assembly structure, geometry, attibutes and metadata between the worlds' leading mechanical CAD/CAM systems enabling Mode-Based Engineering.

CADverter Key Features

Use CADverter to receive, create, or share CAD data that is not native in your own company.

  1. CADverter products are Direct Database Converters
  2. They support both interactive and batch processing
  3. Can be integrated with any workflow or PDM/PLM environment
  4. Supports 3D Product Manufacturing Information between systems
  5. Supports data filtering, optimizes data and reduces conversion times
  6. Node locked and floating license options available depending on the requirement
  7. Available in Uni-Directional and Bi-Directional configuration dependent upon product and user requirements
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