It’s common sense that product development and manufacturing engineers should work together to develop a product that performs flawlessly and is manufactured (and assembled) in the most effective way.

Using Theorem’s Translate, Publish and Visualize products enable cross-collaboration between individuals, departments and whole organizations, on a local and global scale, and improves the process of a design collaboration between CAD and Visualization users.

Publish 3D

Interactive 3D PDFs are revolutionizing knowledge sharing and collaboration inside organizations, and up and down the supply chain. By applying a new generation of collaboration technology, adding value directly at all stages through direct user interaction with graphical and technical information in a single digital environment; Publish 3D solutions enable sharing any interactive 3D model with anyone in the world without the requirement for CAD or visualization viewing software.

Digital Realities

Digital Realities enable groups of engineers to collaborate, share data and carry out design reviews using the latest immersive or desktop technologies. Whether it’s across a campus, a country or continents, teams of users can visualize, make comments and review their designs in real time.

Improved collaboration results in more efficient and lower cost of data exchange. Enabling engineers to review and modify their data more quickly reduces time to market. Real time design reviews in XR enable global engineering teams to quickly iterate and refine designs.

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