What's today's challenge?

    Rarely are products completely developed in a single location, neither are they built in a single location. Moreover, a lot of the equipment used to build the product is outsourced to a wide group of suppliers. Bringing all of that data together so all parties can collaborate on the factory or work cell layout offers enormous benefits and cost savings.

    Factory Layout provides a full scale and in context environment for defining, reviewing, editing and validating shop floor layouts. This can be done collaboratively with colleagues in different offices or countries, and even suppliers can be involved. Libraries of existing plant, tools and equipment can be automatically uploaded and used in a collaborative team review session, no knowledge of CAD is needed.

    It enables companies to avoid costly layout redesign, by enabling all parties involved to review the layout collaboratively, make or recommend changes, and capture those decisions for later review by staff who could not attend the session.

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    Benefits and Cost Savings

    Reduce Costs

    Products can be tested for the first time when they are available as digital prototypes, before any physical equipment is built or delivered. Buildings, plant, work cells, lines and the complete factory can be checked in detail by layout engineers, installation or service personnel. Any issues can be recorded and sent back to CAD engineers to make modifications. This saves expensive on-site modifications.

    Collaborative Team Work

    By being able to collaborate, team work is highly enhanced by gathering people around a full digital (virtual) model of the factory and immersing them in it. At full scale it is possible to better understand the technical challenges, quickly approve design amendments, iterate and make decisions. It saves money on travel and reduces time to production.

    Scale and Context

    Factories by their very nature are large scale structures. Seeing your factory in eXtended Reality lets you escape the cramped confines of your computer monitor, and harness your whole brain. Experience your 3D design, rather than viewing it on a flat 2D computer screen. Collaborate in real-time, securely and remotely using intuitive XR tools for more effective decision making.

    See the Full Picture

    Factory Layout enables you to review a full digital representation of your facilities and equipment. It brings together your building data, whether in CAD or scanned form, machinery and equipment data designed in specialist systems such as Technomatix or Delmia, and product data designed in mechanical CAD, including CAD data from your tooling and equipment suppliers. All seen at full scale and in the context of each other. Eliminate ambiguity and reduce the time for decision making.

    Connect and Collaborate

    By enabling your teams to connect and collaborate ensures faster product development when collaboration isn’t confined to the walls of an organization. Let your team work on the same layout model from remote locations using multiple XR technologies for shorter time-to-market and increased efficiency.

    Improve Decision Making

    Using eXtended Reality you can make better decisions, save time and identify design challenges together with your colleagues, suppliers or customers. Increase common understanding, facilitate more creative discussions and solve real world problems quickly.

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    collaboration Solutions

    Collaborative Design Reviews

    Remove the challenge of globally distributed collaboration and help to improve the quality and productivity of your engineering and manufacturing teams and processes with Theorem-XR.

    Collaborative Factory Layout

    Collaborate with globally located customers and suppliers in Theorem-XR's extended reality factory layout experience, at full scale and in context for significant time and cost savings. 

    Data and Technology Agnostic

    Collaborative XR Experiences for Design, Factory Layout, Training, Visualization and the Visual Digital Twin for AR/MR and VR. With 3D data automatically delivered by the Visualization Pipeline.

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