A graphic showing design reviews in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality (XR).

Remote Design Collaboration

At full scale, in context and in real-time

What's Today's Challenge?

Complex products are rarely completely developed in a single location with the luxury of co-located development teams. The reality of product development today involves collaboration across international borders. More recently, increased home working means collaboration is needed for local teams, ensuring staff whether working from home or the office can do so collaboratively.

The engineering skills gap was first highlighted over a decade ago, and it has since been the topic of much debate. Inevitably therefore businesses have been forced to locate skills in other locations, setting up their own offshore facilities, or working with Engineering Services Providers (ESPs).


Collaborate in Real-Time

TheoremXR enables groups of engineers to collaborate in real time, regardless of location. It provides a secure collaborative platform to address those requirements.

Whether it’s across a campus, a country or continents, teams of users can interact and review design data in real time, in context and at full scale.

It is incredibly important that teams can collaborate around a design concept regardless of where they are or which device type they are using, and to participate in the review process by sharing thoughts and ideas, whilst being able to record audio, video and typed notes for review after the session.

TheoremXR connects all engineering teams, delivering real time collaboration across Virtual or Mixed reality devices as well as for the Desktop and Tablet user. It helps to accelerate product development, improve communication and operating efficiency, whilst reducing the expenses associated with travel and time out of the office.


Benefits and Cost Savings

Improve Decision Making

Using Extended Reality, you can make better decisions, save time and identify design challenges together with your colleagues, suppliers, or customers to increase common understanding and facilitate more creative discussions.

Improve Design Reviews

Improve the effectiveness of design reviews by securely sharing live design data direct from CAD, regardless of what XR device you are using or where staff are located. Capture decisions, annotations and actions, and automatically feed them back into CAD to close the design review cycle.

Remote Team Work

Team work is highly enhanced by gathering people around a virtual model, or immersing them in it. At full scale it is possible to better understand the technical challenges, quickly approve design proposals, iterate and make decisions.

Connect and Collaborate

You can connect and collaborate for faster product development when collaboration isn’t confined to the walls of an organization. Let your team work on the same model from remote locations using multiple XR technologies for shorter time-to-market and increased manufacturing efficiency.

Spatial Thinking

Escape the cramped confines of your computer monitor, and harness your whole brain. Experience your 3D design, rather than viewing it on a flat 2D computer screen. Collaborate in real-time, securely and remotely using intuitive XR tools for more effective decision making.

Eliminate Geography

Remove the barrier of geography and eliminate the need for physical meetings. Employees waste less time travelling, transport costs are reduced and the environment is protected. Collaborate in a shared virtual space, meet together in real-time, and leave comments for your team to see later.

Collaboration Solutions


Collaborative Design Reviews

Rarely are products completely developed in a single location with the luxury of co-located development teams. Undertaking Design Reviews in XR collaboratively eliminates that problem.


Collaborative Factory Layout

Factory Layout provides a full scale and in context environment for defining, reviewing, editing and validating shop floor layouts collaboratively with colleagues in different offices or countries.


Data and Technology Agnostic

TheoremXR supports all XR technologies: Augmented, Mixed and Virtual. You can start with whatever technology is best for you and transition or change at no cost as your data is usable in all.

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