Using Theorem XR - the latest eXtended Reality technology for immersive digital collaboration

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Theorem XR enables groups of engineers to digitally collaborate, share data and carry out Product Design Reviews using the latest immersive or desktop technologies. Whether it’s across a campus, a country or continents, teams of users can interact and review design data in real time, in context and at full scale.


It is incredibly important that teams can collaborate around a design concept regardless of where they are, which device type they are using, and to participate in the review process by sharing thoughts and ideas, whilst being able to record audio, video and typed notes for review after the session.

This type of digital collaboration is helping to accelerate development, refine designs, improve communication, efficiency, whilst reducing the expenses associated with co-located teams.

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Interactive 3D PDF documentation for digital collaboration

3D PDF’s are the ideal choice when needing to share, exchange and consume CAD and PLM assets outside of the traditional engineering design space. The interactive nature of the 3D PDF format is revolutionizing knowledge sharing and digital collaboration inside organizations, and up and down the supply chain, whilst helping to reduce costs and improve communication.

CAD and visualization data, encapsulated within a standard PDF document can be shared with anyone in the world, without the requirement for specialist CAD or visualization viewing software.  The standard features of an Adobe 3D PDF document make for the perfect interactive viewer. It is lightweight, portable and secure making it easy for CAD and PLM assets to be shared, exchanged and consumed outside of any source application, but more importantly users can interact with the data, leave comments, save views and attach additional documents and drawings adding enormous value to a single digital document.

Download our latest webinar on using the the 3D PDF outside of the design office.

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Improving the process of digital design collaboration 

Today’s products are rarely developed with the luxury of co-located teams. The reality often involves collaboration across international borders. Globally distributed engineering is practically unavoidable, and this will increasingly place a challenge on effective collaboration between engineering teams.

Exceeding the capabilities of significantly more expensive commercial VR solutions, the Theorem XR has been developed with the goal of bringing globally distributed teams closer together. With the add-on collaboration functionality, the spatial context can be applied to enable teams to come together to address a problem that would be tough to explain out-of-context.


With VR and MR, teams in the same room will see each other through their devices.  However, using any XR technology, distributed team members can also be ‘present’ in the room, represented by a virtual avatar that moves as they do, and mimics their gestures;  it’s as close as currently possible to having colleagues physically present in the room.


Collaboration is possible with any of Theorem's products 

Using Theorem’s Translate, Publish and Visualize products enable cross-collaboration between individuals, departments and whole organizations, on a local and global scale, and improves the process of a design collaboration between CAD and Visualization users.

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