Collaborate with your team, via your desktop computer, regardless of where you are!

The Desktop Review app is a non-immersive version of the Theorem XR app.  It allows users to participate in review sessions without the need for a VR headset and VR capable workstation, or a Mixed Reality Device like the Microsoft HoloLens 2 or Magic Leap.

The app allows users to join or host collaboration sessions based around 3D geometry.  This could be either a Design Review or a review of a Factory Layout.

By removing the barrier of geography, Theorem XR reduces time and travel costs and speeds up the process of learning and collaboration. 


Theorem-XRAsset 9@300x Design Review

Users can connect and collaborate for faster product development. Reviewers work on the same model, from remote locations, using multiple devices for shorter time-to-market and increased manufacturing efficiency.

Despite working remotely, everything that you would expect from a design review can still take place, including the ability to record the outcome with written or video notes.  

With the Design Review Experience, employees waste less time travelling, transport costs are reduced and the environment is protected, whilst still delivering high quality reviews.


icon-production_layout -svg Factory Layout

With increased flexibility, modularity, and reconfigurability, the Factory Layout Expereince allows for the redesigning of layouts each time production requirements change.

Modern manufacturers value layouts that retain their usefulness over many product mixes and can easily be reconfigured. Equally important are layouts that permit shorter lead times, lower inventories, and a greater degree of product customization.

Theorem XR provides the ability to collaborate with others on your Factory Layout in the same virtual space, from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Desktop Digital Collaboration

Save on travel time and cost though digital collaboration

Today’s products are rarely developed with the luxury of co-located teams.  Globally distributed design is practically unavoidable, and this is increasingly placing a challenge on effective collaboration between design teams.  

It is incredibly important that teams can collaborate around a design concept regardless of where they are, which device type they are using, and to participate in the review process by sharing thoughts and ideas, whilst being able to record audio, video and typed notes for review after the session.

This type of digital collaboration is helping to accelerate development, refine designs, improve communication, efficiency, whilst reducing the expenses associated with co-located teams.


icon-visualisation -svg Visualization Experience

The Desktop Review app can also work independently of other users.  The Visualization Experience is also accessible via the Desktop Review app allowing you to view your assemblies at your desk. 

The core features from the immersive experience remain, including the ability to hide components and to dynamically section.



How Theorem Solutions can help

Theorem Solutions provides enabling technologies for engineering and manufacturing businesses to improve their design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, by utilizing existing digital assets to collaborate within innovative Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences’. Our goal has been to produce a technology agnostic collaboration platform for businesses of all sizes.

Theorem XR seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and processes, using proven and robust XR technologies as well as a desktop computer.

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Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) places the user into an entirely simulated (computer generated) environment, by standing in a CAVE or using a headset (for example HTC Vive). It entirely occludes the user’s natural surroundings.


Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) presents a view of the natural world overlaid with a layer of digital content. This can be viewed through the screen of a smartphone or tablet (for example Apple’s ARKit), or limited information presented using a head mounted device (for example Google Glass or Vuzix Blade).


Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality (MR) places a holographic projection of digital data into, and in some cases responsive to the physical world (for example Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap). An MR head mounted ‘visor’ is clear, providing a comfortable view of the natural world (rather than viewing through a device screen).

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