Get to work in VRED immediately; remove the need to replace native CAD colours

Theorem’s Visualization Pipeline automatically processes your CAD in to VRED with a simple drag and drop process. It removes the need for you to have to replace native CAD colours by extracting and mapping pre-defined VRED materials as part of the configuration process. The VRED model output contains Material definitions that you can work with immediately. The short video below shows just how easy the process is.

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Automated data preparation

The Visualization Pipeline can automatically process data in the background, or on-demand with ‘save as’ and ‘drag and drop’ functionality, removing the need for dedicated data processing teams. 

Configurations can be automatically invoked when 3D CAD data is read to ensure the best quality and performance.  If required, the Visualization Pipeline will run multiple configurations against a single input file to ensure each consumption device has the optimum data for the best result.

The Visualization Pipeline processes the 3D model data, the supporting meta-data, animation/motion data, and any captures/views from within the CAD or PLM data flow.

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A digital transformation strategy implies that your focus should be about the “digital”. However, in the 21st century, humans remain absolutely critical to how your business operates. Whilst smart factories can process vast amounts of ‘big data’, humans cannot.

Using XR technology to work with this big data bridges the gap between computers and humans...

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The Visualization Pipeline seamlessly integrates with the Theorem XR suite, enabling engineers to get closer to their creations in a full-sized, spatially relevant set of task-orientated XR experiences. 

Theorem XR also hails the beginning of the next frontier of collaboration by bringing together globally distributed teams in a manner that has not been possible until now…

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