Review your design in immersive 3D with Virtual Reality.

Your monitor is an unnatural way to view your 3D data.  Your design is miniaturized to fit the confines of your display which inhibits the necessary understanding of how it will fit into the real world. 

Using your VR headset, Theorem XR Visualization Experience will allow you to interact with your 3D data at full-scale and in context.

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Design Review

Design Review

Save on travel time and costs through immersive virtual collaboration. 

Using Theorem XR your design team can spend less time travelling and more time developing your products regardless of where they are!  

With Virtual Reality your teams can hold collaborative design reviews, reducing time to market and development cost from your design projects.

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Factory Layout

Factory Layout

Review your factory design, check for maintenance accessibility and review the layout ergonomics.

These are just some of the benefits of using Virtual Reality for your Factory Layout designs.  

With Theorem XR you can take a virtual walk around your site and see what obstacles and issues may arise and make live changes.

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Virtual Reality is excellent for delivering real life training to your teams.

You can provide a realistic experience to develop the competence of your teams in an environment where their safety can be managed and damage to potentially expensive equipment and product can be mitigated.

With our Theorem XR Guides app you can up-skill your teams regardless of where you and they are.

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Virtual Reality can...

... help to remove the physical costs and resource commitments associated with every day engineering and manufacturing process and tasks, but first, you need to focus on what it is that you are actually trying to achieve by introducing new technology and processes into your organisation.

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How could you work in VR?

If you’re already experimenting or using Virtual Reality in production, but are struggling to get data in to the devices or in to the correct format; perhaps you are just starting to look at what’s currently available to enable you to work in VR? We can show you just how easy it can be to work with existing data, and remove the barriers associated with the timely need to manipulate and rework data for use across your entire organisation.

This video will give you a quick idea…

Virtual Collaboration and Remote Working

Virtual collaboration and remote working are very much the new norm (at the minute). We are relying on technology to keep the cogs turning and communication flowing. Applications like Microsoft Teams, and Zoom are enabling us to communicate and work as co-located ‘teams’ without the need for face to face contact. Now, bring in virtual collaboration using VR; from an Engineering and Manufacturing perspective, your entire team can be present in a fully immersive, visually rich, virtual collaboration session to discuss a design project or a new training procedure in a matter of minutes.


Virtual Reality can remove the challenges and expense of travel and the need for a physical presence to be able to communicate effectively around 3D designs. You can work more efficiently; swap the confines of the office (or at the minute your kitchen table) and 2D screen, for fully interactive and highly emotive visual experiences that VR delivers. All you need is a VR headset (and a workstation with a good graphics card, and Theorem XR).  The point is, using VR as a means to communicate design intent is now a reality.  If you’ve got some time we can show you how.

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What do Theorem bring to this Virtual table?

  • We have been working with 3D design data for nearly 30 years! 
  • We understand 3D data better than anyone else.
  • We understand Virtual Reality and associated technology
  • We understand that your business and processes are unique to you.
  • We can work with you to help you define and achieve your XR goal.
  • We partner with ALL of the main CAD and PLM vendors making our product data quality exceptional.

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A digital transformation strategy implies that your focus should be about the “digital”. However, in the 21st century, humans remain absolutely critical to how your business operates. Whilst smart factories can process vast amounts of ‘big data’, humans cannot.

Using XR technology to work with this big data bridges the gap between computers and humans...

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The Visualization Pipeline seamlessly integrates with the Theorem XR suite, enabling engineers to get closer to their creations in a full-sized, spatially relevant set of task-orientated XR experiences. 

Theorem XR also hails the beginning of the next frontier of collaboration by bringing together globally distributed teams in a manner that has not been possible until now…

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