Extended Reality - Why Now?

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Until now, businesses engaged in ‘design and manufacturing’ have relied on 3D product models or 2D drawings to gain the understanding and insight needed to take important commercial and operational decisions.

However, augmented, mixed, and virtual reality technologies - known collectively as Extended Reality or XR – are now providing powerful new ways of interacting with 3D product designs.


With the growth of the gaming sector and the industrial metaverse, XR is revolutionising design-data-interaction across multiple industries.

XR devices, such as headsets, tablets, and phones, make it possible for both CAD and non-CAD users to truly immerse themselves in their design data. Allowing them to access, analyse and review product geometry and information in a more instinctive and human way.


Supporting a range of operational use cases, XR technology is changing how different teams and business functions can benefit from enhanced product interaction.

Full scale 3D product designs can be shared globally aiding collaborative working.

3D designs can be placed in location for real-world evaluation. Meaning risks, hazards, and issues can be identified prior to product manufacture, shipping, or installation.


Customer feedback can be gathered quickly during early, or concept design stages.

Unplanned costs arising from design issues can be identified and avoided at source. Delivering both time and cost-saving across the whole product-management lifecycle.

New ways of working provided by XR technology, promote accuracy and collaboration across design-led processes, and allow early decision-making for both businesses and customers alike.


Through the right combination of 3D design data, XR device, and user experience, businesses can meet and overcome complex operational challenges.

The power of XR is here now and represents an opportunity to advance how humans interact with the world of design data.

This fast moving, financially accessible, and growing technology space is helping businesses to extract the maximum value from their product design data, and is set to deliver continued efficiency gains to those who embrace the technology today.


If you want to understand how XR could bring value to your business, Theorem has the software and people required to ensure successful adoption of XR, at the right scale for your organisation.

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