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Engineering Focused Use Cases in XR


Visualize 3D CAD data at full scale and in context and interrogate the data in Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality devices.

Design Review

Collaboratively review design milestones, at scale and in context. Make comments and annotate the design for later review.

Factory Layout

Individuals or groups of engineers can layout work cells, production lines or full factories using Mixed and/or Virtual Reality.

Training Guides

Create Training or Work instructions to teach front line workers build processes, or guide  experienced workers during complex tasks using Mixed or Virtual Reality headsets and Desktop devices.

Visual Digital Twin

The Visual Digital Twin delivers a rich 3D digital model allowing it to be overlaid on top of a physical object and tracked. For use in inspection, training, packaging and in support of a full Digital twin.

Supporting Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality technologies and devices

The term Extended Reality (XR) encompasses Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality, and each different technology comes with it’s own set of features, benefits and associated device types. But which one is right for you and your use case?

Augmented Reality

Digital content overlayed in the real world using handheld devices.

Mixed Reality

Full scale and in-context visualization through augmented or mixed reality headsets.

Virtual Reality

Fully immersive, full scale and in-context visualization through virtual reality headsets.

Multi-User Collaboration

Collaborate in real time, regardless of location. Whether it’s dispersed design teams needing to review a design milestone, or layout engineers needing to review a factory or workstation layout, or the need to train remote staff on a build process, we provide a secure collaborative platform to address your requirements.


Learn how XR is at the forefront of CAD data visualization

TheoremXR exists to solve the problem of the cognitive gap. The cognitive gap is the relationship between the form in which information is presented, and the context in which it is applied. Advanced visualization, which places information in context with the environment to which it refers, is the solution.

Why TheoremXR?

TheoremXR is a complementary technology that works for the individual, the enterprise, at all levels and at all stages of the Extended Reality journey, enabling the user to optimize, visualize and collaborate around their design data. Backed by 30+ years of CAD data optimization and preparation experience, as a member of the Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP), and partner to all major CAD vendors, TheoremXR provides a robust and agile solution for now and the future.

Our Solutions

CADTranslate_Master_Full Colour_Vertical logoCAD Translation

Extend the use of your 3D CAD assets by translating them to other 3D CAD or Visualization formats for internal downstream use or for collaboration with customers and suppliers.

CADPublish _Master_Full Colour_Vertical logo3D PDF Publishing

Release more value from your CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA V5, CREO, JT and NX data by using Publish to 3D PDF or Composer, to create rich intelligent documents with text and 3D content.

Theorem-XR_Master_full colour copyExtended Reality (XR)

Collaborative XR Experiences for Design, Factory Layout, Training, Visualization and the Visual Digital Twin for AR/MR and VR. With 3D data automatically delivered by the Visualization Pipeline.