What is CADverter-VR?

    CADverter-VR is the latest FREE product enhancement for the CADverter range of translation and publishing products, enabling existing users to quickly and easily visualize existing CAD, and translated CAD data, at scale in a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment, using existing Theorem software. CADverter-VR has been developed to help our users to start their journey in to extended reality (XR), but most importantly removes the issue of how to get data into both a device, but also into this new world of visualization without additional cost or rework.

    This is now standard across the product suite from Version 24.0 onwards and available for FREE to existing CADverter and 3D PDF Enhance customers, offering quick and easy access to visualization and Virtual Reality.

    The video below will show just how easy the process is...

    CADverter-VR License Request

    How does it work?

    CADverter-VR is designed to allow you to explore your 3D data in greater depth, at actual scale, where you can interact and manipulate your data outside of the confines of your CAD application and screen. Combining the robust data quality and optimization capabilities of CADverter with the immersive power of VR, you will quickly benefit from game changing visualization and interaction that a desktop machine doesn’t deliver.

    As an introduction to the world of VR and visualization, CADverter-VR offers a simple set of features and functionality to help to get you started, removing the need for training or prior experience using a VR device.

    CADverter VR Test

    How to access CADverter-VR

    As a user you will need access to the Theorem UI which comes as standard with our translation and 3D PDF Enhance publisher software. You’ll also need access to a VR headset that is local to your machine. Depending upon how your software is set up you may need to request access from your IT administrator to the UI.

    If you haven’t started your XR journey yet or don’t have a VR headset available, you get access to the Desktop Review Experience (part of the wider Theorem-XR product suite) meaning that you can still review your data outside of your traditional CAD application.


    Supported Devices

    CADverter-VR supports the following Virtual Reality devices:

    • HTC Vive & Vive Pro
    • Oculus Rift & Rift S
    • Oculus Quest 2 (tethered)
    • Valve Index
    • Windows Mixed Reality Immersive Headsets (Lenovo Explorer & Samsung Odyssey as examples)

    Reviewing your design at scale and in-context in an immersive environment enables you to validate your data in real time at true scale, before committing to the design, prototyping or further manufacturing process.


    Getting Started

    If we haven’t been in contact with you to talk to you about CADverter-VR, please use the following form and we will contact you soon to update your license and talk you through the available options.

    CADverter-VR License Request


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    CADverter-VR License Request