What does Theorem XR bring to product design/layout?

Below we show how a product layout can be reviewed in full-scale in both Mixed Reality (Microsoft HoloLens) and in Virtual Reality (HTC Vive Pro).  To benefit from the cross platform experience, the add-on collaboration functionality has been enabled.



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Additional Functionality

The Product Layout Experience adds to the functionality provided by the Visualisation Experience.  Additional tools are provided for those that require a little more interaction than those who are simply needing to review their data in full-scale.

As seen in the video above, the ability to interact with an object, move component's test interfaces, determine whether surfaces will clash, and measure spaces, are all capabilities that many will find incredibly useful- especially if the product doesn’t exist yet. 

The Product Layout Experience allows you to get hands-on with your product before you have made it!  No need to build prototypes (even a rapid prototype via 3D printing) when a virtual or holographic prototype can be created with your 3D CAD (via the Visualization Pipeline) in just minutes!

After processing, your 3D CAD sits on the server ready for you to interact with, whenever you are ready.


Why should I use choose Theorem XR for my product design/layout?

Tools to interact with your virtual/holographic prototypes are becoming commonplace in Virtual Reality applications, however only Theorem XR offers this ability regardless of your device.  We partner with world leading headset vendors to ensure that our solutions can work in most devices** (HoloLens, Magic Leap, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC or Oculus; we’ve got you covered!). We also have a desktop version.

Moreover, with the add-on collaboration module (demonstrated above), your teams can work together regardless of where they are (worldwide) in addition to being flexible with your choice of hardware.

Add to that 25+ years of experience of processing 3D CAD and we truly have all bases covered.  Theorem XR will take any mainstream* 3D CAD, output it to any device**, to anyone, anywhere!


**If your device is not mentioned, use the 'contact me' button to contact a Theorem representative. 


How Theorem Solutions can help

Theorem Solutions provides enabling technologies for engineering and manufacturing businesses to improve their design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, by utilizing existing digital assets to collaborate within innovative Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences.

The Product Layout Experience seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and processes, using proven and robust XR technologies.  This out-of-the-box experience, building on the Visualization Experience, is available across VR and MR devices.

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Today’s products are rarely developed with the luxury of co-located teams.  Globally distributed design is practically unavoidable, and this is increasingly placing a challenge on effective collaboration between design teams.  Accordingly, with the addition of the collaboration module, the Product Layout Experience has been developed with the goal of bringing globally distributed teams closer together.


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VR Image

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality (VR) places the user into an entirely simulated (computer generated) environment, by standing in a CAVE or using a headset (for example HTC Vive). It entirely occludes the user’s natural surroundings.

Augmented Reality Goggles

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality (AR) presents a view of the natural world overlaid with a layer of digital content. This can be viewed through the screen of a smartphone or tablet (for example Apple’s ARKit), or limited information presented using a head mounted device (for example Google Glass or Vuzix Blade).

MR Image

Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality (MR) places a holographic projection of digital data into, and in some cases responsive to the physical world (for example Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap). An MR head mounted ‘visor’ is clear, providing a comfortable view of the natural world (rather than viewing through a device screen).

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