Engineer wearing a virtual reality headset in a CAD office.

Augmented Enterprise Summit 2023

Written by Jennifer Cox
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Theorem Solutions are pleased to announce our attendance at the Augmented Enterprise Summit 2023 on October 24th - 26th. You’ll be able to find us at The Westin Galleria Houston on booth 11, where the Theorem team will be showcasing the latest product development and enhancement for TheoremXR.

Engineering and manufacturing companies across the world are using TheoremXR to visualize their 3D design data in context and at full scale using the latest Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) devices, so be sure to discover the capabilities of XR for yourself.

Since engineering and manufacturing teams are often globally distributed, conducting design reviews and other meetings in XR can significantly reduce travel time. TheoremXR offers XR experiences for a wide range of manufacturing and design-related tasks, including Immersive Visualization, Factory Layout Planning, Design Review, Visual Digital Twin, and Training Guides.

Remote collaboration in XR can save a huge amount of time and money on travel costs alone. And the reduction in design, development, early-stage prototyping, layout planning, and training time is also enabling teams to work more efficiently.

In addition to our XR experiences, Theorem also provides a way to prepare and optimize design data for XR. The Theorem Visualization Pipeline provides a fully automated CAD data preparation process. Once optimized the data can be used in our out-of-the-box experiences or users can create Unity or Unreal assets for use in internally developed XR solutions.

"Augmented Enterprise Summit is a great opportunity for us to showcase our expertise in data preparation, optimization, and visualization for XR technologies."


As a company with over 30 years of experience, we are uniquely positioned to help engineering and manufacturing companies leverage the power of XR to enhance their design processes and boost efficiency.


We are excited to meet with potential customers and partners at Augmented Enterprise Summit and discuss how we can help them achieve their business goals."


- Kevin Levy, Marketing Director at Theorem Solutions.

It's difficult to understand how much of an impact XR technology can have without experiencing it, so find us at booth 11 and try out XR for yourself!

Learn more and register here to join us at The Augmented Enterprise Summit: