Here are a list of events that Theorem currently plan to be exhibiting at in 2019. Please check back from time to time as more events, seminars and webinars will be added through out the year.

    calendar9 February 2022


    Following a successful attendance at the 2021 event, we are heading back to Liverpool for the Smart Factory Expo (which is part of Digital Manufacturing Week) 2022.

    We'll be showcasing the latest from the Theorem-XR suite- a range of use case based experiences that enable you to visualize your 3D CAD and PLM assets in context and at full scale, using Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality technologies on the device of your choice.

    Out of the box Theorem-XR offers ‘standard’ engineering-based use case experiences that work collaboratively, enabling remote teams and home-based staff to join and work in an immersive multi-user environment, from anywhere, you just need an internet connection. Even desktop users can join a collaborative session.

    Our Experiences include:

    • Design Review
    • Factory Layout
    • Guides for Training and Education (Author and Operator),
    • Visualization
    • Visual Digital Twin

    The experiences are underpinned by the Visualization Pipeline which provides a fully automated process that takes 3D data assets directly into Theorem-XR, or for the creation of Unity or Unreal assets for use in internally developed XR solutions. Using the Visualization Pipeline to prepare and optimize CAD data removes the difficulties that can be encountered when trying to get 3D data into XR.

    Visitors to the event will be able to try out the experiences for themselves on HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap headsets, seeing engineering design data at full scale and in context, bridging the gap between the digital and the physical.

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