Enhancing traditional engineering documentation

Theorem’s Publish 3D enables the publishing of 3D CAD and visualization data directly from within design applications into interactive 3D PDF documents. The published document output contains embedded interactive 3D representations of the native CAD data (within a pre-defined template).

The documents can be annotated and additional rich media such as PowerPoint files, video, hyperlinks to additional online information, and spreadsheet data can be auto-embedded or inserted manually. The PDF can also act like a .zip file to transport additional files, for example, native CAD data, purchasing documentation or statistical process control documentation.

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Utilizing the interactive 3D PDF format

3D PDF is a document format that can contain text and other data types, 2D graphics, 3D graphics (3D CAD data) and gives the user the ability to interact with the document on many levels. Using Theorem’s Publish products enable you to create a range of interactive documentation including:

  • Work instructions
  • Request for quotations
  • Technical data sheets
  • Technical data packages
  • Sales and marketing documents

3D PDF documents are extremely lightweight and therefore easily emailed without the danger of being blocked by a firewall or inbox capacity.

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Deploy with speed and use throughout the supply chain

Improved communication throughout

The benefit of 3D PDF is its simplicity of deployment and ease of use, removing barriers to integrate departments, customers, and suppliers into the product lifecycle process. With everyone in the organization and supply chain contributing to the design process this offers a gain of strategic advantage in an increasingly competitive market and leads to reduced lead times, fewer mistakes and better products.

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