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The Latest TheoremXR Release Brings New HoloLens 2 Menus, Cache Management Systems, and Improvements to Using Scan Data in XR to Streamline Engineering and Manufacturing Processes.

Theorem Solutions are excited to announce the latest release of TheoremXR (2022.3). The Extended Reality (XR) product portfolio from Theorem continues to evolve to meet the needs and requirements of existing customers and the engineering and manufacturing industry. This is highlighted by the addition of users to be able to combine CAD and Scan Data into the same digital scene.

This release sees an improved and simplified user experience across ALL TheoremXR apps, offering functionality updates to the core products, as well as new product enhancing features for XR users looking to streamline and optimize existing processes, in turn helping to save time and money. Consultancy Director Ryan Dugmore says “this new release for TheoremXR focuses on user experience and improving efficiency in a number of XR features alongside adding brand new functionality”.

If you are new to TheoremXR (augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR)), the applications focus on engineering and manufacturing based solutions using XR technology. TheoremXR enables users to work collaboratively at scale and in context within a multi-format environment. 

Examples of this include XR experiences for visualization, design review, factory layout, training, and visual digital twin. As well as the visualization pipeline which simplifies the process of getting CAD data into XR.

This Release at a Glance

•    Point Cloud Scan Data
•    Bringing CAD Features into XR
•    Slicing Support & Parting Line Solid Removal
•    Cache Management and Offsite Access
•    New HoloLens 2 Menus
•    Active Directory Support
•    Summary

Point Cloud Scan Data

This release brings improvements to how users can load and save scan data. TheoremXR now fully supports point cloud scan data for VR users. Users with Cintoo scan data, can now use TheoremXR to visualize precise and realistic scans of environments within VR, and can add 3D CAD data into their scene to help to build a fuller digital representation of their surroundings. Also, TheoremXR users who need to merge CAD and scan data into a single environment can now utilize large scan data (created using Cintoo) — turning point cloud data into 3D meshes without sacrificing accuracy.

This capability has the potential to improve a wide variety of use cases, but factory layout planning in particular can benefit. By using highly accurate scan data in XR, users can visualize the building they are working with while in the planning stages and even walk around the space as if they were there.


Bringing CAD Features Into XR

XR is an incredibly powerful tool for engineers and manufacturers looking to visualize their CAD designs at scale, in context, and collaboratively. However, there are some features present in CAD systems that you may miss when working in XR. Excitingly this release allows users to use some of these features (PMI and the product structure viewer) in XR.

Having PMI in XR means that any annotations and dimensions present on the original CAD file will also be viewable alongside your full scale CAD model when visualizing it in XR; providing important context that makes visualizing data in XR even more valuable. Alongside this is the ability to see the product structure viewer is now available in both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. Users can now find and highlight specific parts using the product structure viewer as they would in their CAD system, resulting in an easy and intuitive way of navigating and reviewing your CAD data in XR.


Slicing Support and Parting Line Solid Removal

Sometimes when you’re working with huge datasets you may only want to view one area at a time, but still have to wait for the whole dataset to upload. With the new slicing support update users can now segment datasets as part of the upload process, allowing you to visualize only the section of data that you want. 

Additionally, CATIA users (specifically) can utilize our new parting line solid removal feature, which allows users to define a parting line on a model in the CAD system and delete everything on one side of that line. Both of these features allow for better optimization of data since you’re only uploading what you need.

Cache Management and Offsite Access

We’ve also updated the cache management system to allow users to delete individual pieces of data from the cache, as well as add models to the cache from the menu. This streamlines the processes of precaching models for working offsite. Caching models on the device allows users to visualize their models in XR even when they’re not connected to their network; giving users greater flexibility in their working. Now with these new features offsite working is easier than ever.


New HoloLens 2 Menus

Much of this release has focused on improving user experience and simplifying processes, and this theme continues with our new HoloLens 2 Menus. As new features have been added to our mixed reality application over time new buttons have been included in the menu. But over time this results in a menu that is hard to navigate and find what you’re looking for. This release brings a whole new menu for HoloLens 2 users that is more intuitive and user friendly. The easier the technology is to use, the less resistance there will be to adoption.


Active Directory Support

We have also introduced the ability to link a company account with a Theorem Process Manager (Theorem Visualization Pipeline - TVP) user, simplifying the login process and allowing for easier user management for the IT team. Now users will be able to login to the TVP or an XR application using their company login, and permissions can be carried over into Theorem’s applications from the company account. 

This is valuable for larger companies who have built systems for managing many workers, since these systems are built around a user’s company account. It is also good for smaller companies looking to grow who want a scalable and future-proof system.

In Summary

This TheoremXR release brings a great deal of new functionality and updates to improve user experience and streamline processes. Including advancing TheoremXR’s capability to work with scan data allowing users to utilize XR in new and exciting ways. The capabilities of XR continue to develop and Theorem Solutions is proud to be at the forefront of this innovative technology.

For further information, visit our XR zone or speak to our team today.