Katharine Edmonds calendar19 November 2021 clock-icon 2 Min

The latest Lightweight 3D SolidWorks to JT product, which supports all versions of SolidWorks up to 2021, along with JT 8 to 10.8 has just been released

This new release also includes support for motion read in Solidworks uploads to the TheoremXR Visualisation Pipeline

Our Lightweight 3D products are aimed at creating visualization data for users of digital mock-up, virtual reality or desktop applications. It is used in support of a wide range of engineering processes and for supplier communication.

Sharing SolidWorks data using the neutral ISO standard JT format allows organisations to protect the intellectual property of their designs while allowing users to explore the shape, and more easily understand the 3D definition. Being lightweight whilst representing the shape and structure of source CAD, limits the depth of intellectual property (IP) being shared. The IP protection can be enhanced by restricting the JT representation to be tessellated data only.

As well as geometry and product structure data, it can be used to share PMI (GD&T) information and Metadata internally and with customers and suppliers, thereby supporting the move to Model Based Engineering.

Using JT with additional 3D PMI data as part of a Model Based Definition process allows the user to reduce the overall design costs associated with the creation of conventional 2D drawings.

This enables SolidWorks users to create high quality JT files, allowing them to share JT data with their customers and suppliers, facilitating collaboration.

Our solutions are built with development tools and APIs supplied and are supported by the major CAD vendors that we have strategic partnerships with. This means we do not reverse engineer and can provide you with a robust application that offers full control over data preparation and optimization for the target formats.

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