Could 3D PDF and XR define your 2022 digital transformation strategy?

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 8 Min

With the rapid rate that technology evolves at, there is a constant flow of products or concepts that hope to become the next big ...

Removing the Risk- How 3D PDF protects CAD data against IP theft

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 6 Min

In the modern engineering climate, one company very rarely designs and manufactures a product from start to finish, especially ...

Eco Design- How XR can help you keep it green

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 4 Min

In 2019, the European Manufacturing sector was responsible for an annual total of 880 million tons of carbon dioxide. This makes ...

Why use 3D PDF- Insights from the Theorem experts

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 9 Min

We recently sat down with our UK Account Manager Clair Baxter, and US Account Manager Matt Pongratz to discuss 3D PDF, and the ...

Visualization Pipeline: Automatically get your 3D CAD data into XR

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 7 Min

When a person or organisation is starting out on their journey into the world of XR, it’s easy to get carried away by focusing on ...

Simplifying 3DEXPERIENCE collaboration

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 6 Min

Communication is key. That’s the saying isn’t it? And it’s never more important than when you are working with 3D data on large ...

Getting started with eXtended Reality (XR)

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 8 Min

The use of Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) or Virtual Reality (VR) (collectively known as Extended Reality (XR)) in ...

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