Smart Factory Expo 2024

Written by Jennifer Cox
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Theorem Solutions will be attending the Smart Factory Expo (part of Smart Manufacturing and Engineering week) on the 5th – 6th of June.  

Join us at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham on booth H70, to meet our team and learn how you can extend the value of your 3D design data for downstream re-use, and discover how beneficial it can be to use the same source data across a variety of use cases and departments – without rework.  

A quick introduction to the Theorem Solutions product suite: 

  • CADTranslate: Enables Seamless CAD Data Exchange – Collaborate with partners and suppliers who work with different CAD systems.  
  • CADPublish: Makes CAD Data Accessible – Create intelligent documentation with interactive CAD data that can be shared and accessed by non-CAD users.  
  • TheoremXR: Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality – Visualize your CAD data at scale and in context, with globally located teams.  

TheoremXR Showcase  

TheoremXR takes CAD visualization to the next level.  Our team will be available to discuss the potential use cases and offer the opportunity to try a variety of device types. Augmented Reality (AR) probably isn’t new to you, but have you tried  Mixed (MR) or Virtual Reality (VR) devices to visualize your 3D design data in context and at scale? 

Since multiple locations are usually involved in the development of a product, collaborating remotely with XR can significantly reduce travel time and costs for engineering and manufacturing companies. TheoremXR offers XR experiences for a range of manufacturing and design-related tasks, including Immersive Visualization, Factory Layout, Design Review, Visual Digital Twin, and Training Guides. 

The foundation of TheoremXR is the Theorem Visualization Pipeline (TVP). The TVP provides a fully automated CAD data preparation and optimization process. Once optimized, the data can be used in different devices at the same time, TheoremXR’s experiences, or users can create Unity or Unreal assets for use in internally developed XR solutions. 

"With 30 years of experience Theorem Solutions' is uniquely positioned to share our knowledge of the traditional design world. Including how technology can help engineering and manufacturing organizations extend the value of their 3D design data through direct CAD translation, interactive documentation (3D PDF) and the emerging Extended Reality (XR) technology. 


The Smart Factory Expo provides an excellent opportunity for us to further understand the challenges faced by today’s engineers and manufacturers, learn about their experiences, but also to showcase our latest technology solutions." 


- Kevin Levy, Marketing Director at Theorem Solutions.

It can be difficult to fully understand what XR technology can do for your business without experiencing it, so visit us on booth H70 and try out XR for yourself. 

If you are looking to discuss more traditional methods of CAD Data Exchange, or how to share CAD data with non-CAD users, our team will also be available to talk about CADTranslate, a range of robust direct CAD translation tools supporting 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA V5, CREO, JT and NX, as well as CADPublish, which enables collaboration and data sharing through enhanced interactive 3D PDF documentation. 

Still need to register? Sign up here for your free Smart Factory Expo pass and learn how you can extend the value of your 3D design data.