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Theorem are pleased to announce the release of their latest V22.1 CADverter for CATIA V5 to Creo users.

Theorem’s CADverter product translates assembly structure, geometry, attributes and where available 3D Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and Metadata between CATIA V5 and Creo.

V22.1 CADverter supports CATIA V5-6R2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 as well as up to and including Creo 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0.

Features and enhancements in V22.1 include:

· Creo Interactive Import and Export to CATIA V5 now has the ability to launch the Configuration Manager or UI from within Creo.

· Improvements to Assembly Instance Colours being read from the Creo input.

· Improved XML logging from within the Theorem UI.

The aim of the CADverter is to allow the user to translate any data that they have held in a CATIA format and make it useable in Creo for various use cases, whether the downstream user wants a lightweight reference part to model around, or a precise copy of the data translated to allow measurement and editing of translated models.

Theorem’s strategic partnerships with Dassault Systemes and PTC ensures that there is parallel development between the latest releases of CATIA V5 and Creo, and Theorem’s CADverter products, allowing Theorem to continue to provide data solutions for the CAD community.

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