3D CAD experts Theorem Solutions proudly join Microsoft Mixed Reality Program

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Theorem Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now a partner in Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program.

The Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Program (MRPP) enables its members to build and deploy breakthrough industry solutions, and identifies those who have achieved a high level of competency on the Windows Mixed Reality platform.

Members of the MRPP have successfully helped customers in manufacturing, healthcare, retail and education to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and improve business impact.

Since demonstrating our first app for HoloLens to Microsoft, we have taken our hundreds of people hours worth of knowledge and experience of working with 3D CAD and Visualization assets to leverage it in Mixed Reality, creating Theorem-XR, a suite of visualization solutions for engineering and manufacturing running on Microsoft’s HoloLens.

“Theorem have been developing products for HoloLens, and delivering solutions which enable engineering companies to improve their design and manufacturing processes, since 2016.” acknowledges Theorem CEO Stuart Thurlby “We are very pleased to become a Mixed Realty Partner Program Silver Partner, and for the recognition of our HoloLens products and skills that that confirms. We look forward to working with Microsoft, their partners, and their resellers to extend the use of HoloLens in industry.”Theorem-XR enables users to upload 3D CAD data into HoloLens quickly and easily, allowing engineers and designers to experience their 3D data spatially, at full scale and in context, working collaboratively to undertake a range of everyday engineering tasks in Mixed Reality.

Our experiences reduce engineering and manufacturing costs, improve product quality and support the faster development of products and manufacturing processes across the enterprise.

With the shift in 2020 towards remote working, the remote collaboration capabilities of HoloLens are more relevant than ever. Theorem-XR experiences work collaboratively, enabling remote teams and home based staff to work in an immersive environment, and consume their 3D CAD data in context and at full scale. This helps close the cognitive gap that occurs when 3D models are viewed on 2D screens, losing the connection between concept, design and the physical product.

By combining the strengths of humans and machines, MR will dramatically increase value creation. These solutions can be leveraged by product development and manufacturing engineers to futureproof manufacturing and engineering processes.

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