Are VR Projection Systems Dead?

By: Scott Daniel clock-icon 4 Min

Is there a space for traditional commercial Virtual Reality since the rise of the mixed reality headsets? Let’s look at a common ...

How Industry 4.0 and Digital Twin are disrupting traditional manufacturing practices

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 2 Min

Industry 4.0 is one of a number of different terms for the current trend of automation and data exchange and analytics in ...

AR, MR & VR - why and how to be a First Mover

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

Using Augmented, Mixed or Virtual Reality in Engineering or Manufacturing is still in its infancy. Whilst there are large ...

Is gaming the future of engineering?

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 4 Min

On the surface, video gaming and engineering don’t have much in common. Gaming is a recreational activity that transports users ...

The Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality Device Race

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 2 Min

Who will win the device race? With the Augmented (AR), Mixed (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) device markets currently being ...

Democratizing Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 5 Min

We rely so much on technology in the commercial world - it simplifies our existence, brings new and innovative ways of doing ...

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