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Theorem Solutions are pleased to announce the V23.0 release of a number of it's products.

The latest versions (V23.0) of the following products from our Translate and Publish ranges have recently been released :
  • CATIA V5 <> NX
  • CATIA V5 <> JT
  • CATIA V5 > 3D PDF
  • JT > 3D PDF
  • NX > 3D PDF
  • CREO > 3D PDF
  • CATIA V5i <> NX

All of these now include the ability to install the 'save to XR' functionality. This allows users of Translate / Visualize software to install the ability to be able to save to the XR server directly from their CAD system.

Theorem's Translate products support the data translation of 3D CAD, allowing you to make use of data authored in a different system; enabling Model-Based Engineering.

We have 3 product lines; CADverter, Lightweight 3D and Multi-CAD.

Our Publish 3D PDF products enables the creation of interactive PDF documents enriched with 3D content directly from your native source CAD.

3D PDF is an enabling tool for anyone who needs to be involved in the process so they can read, view and mark-up 3D data, speeding up the development process to leverage investments in CAD and PLM data assets.

You can find more information on the Translate and Publish pages of our website

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