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Theorem Solutions - We've Rebranded

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We are thrilled to announce our company's rebranding, marking an exciting new chapter in our 30 year journey. Despite the visual change, our core values, unwavering support, and commitment to continually developing our products remain the same. These changes represent our continued growth as we (along with our innovative solutions and products) continue to evolve to offer our customers the best possible solutions and experience. We have also created three further unique brands, which allow us to better cater to your specific needs; CADTranslate, CADPublish and TheoremXR.

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Our new logo, inspired by the Penrose triangle, is an impossible object — a 2D shape that appears three-dimensional but couldn’t exist in 3D space. It represents the simplicity of design coupled with technical complexity. This aligns perfectly with our mission to provide simple and straightforward solutions and products that bridge complicated incompatibilities between data formats and technologies. Our one-size-does-not-fit-all approach simplifies the seemingly impossible, meeting the demands of a global and diverse user base.


CADverter, our solution for seamless data exchange, has transformed into CADTranslate. CADTranslate encompasses CAD to CAD, CAD to Visualization, and Multi-CAD design in context solutions. With CADTranslate, you can expect a simple yet robust data exchange experience that empowers you to work efficiently across different formats and platforms.


Publish3D has been reimagined as CADPublish, delivering a secure and compliant way to share 3D data in a familiar electronic document format. Our 3D PDF Publisher enables non-CAD users to access and interact with 3D designs effortlessly, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical individuals.


TheoremXR,  remains unchanged but continues to advance. TheoremXR is dedicated to delivering value through Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality. Offering an automatic and efficient way to prepare and optimize 3D data for use in extended reality. With TheoremXR, you can unleash the full potential of your 3D designs, immersing yourself in captivating virtual experiences.

These three distinct brands, CADTranslate, CADPublish, and TheoremXR, are united by a single goal: Extending the value of your 3D design data. The same single piece of data can seamlessly flow through each brand, providing a cohesive and integrated workflow and enabling you to get more from your design data.

Our new transformative visuals better represent the enhanced value that we strive to deliver to all our valued customers. With CADTranslate, CADPublish, and TheoremXR, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique needs and propel your design endeavours forward.