3D PDF Publisher with Enhanced HTML5 multi-platform browser support

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Our latest 3D PDF products offer updated support for web browser output, enabling users to publish multi-platform interactive content alongside the 3D PDF format.

The web browser output mirrors the interactive PDF document, giving users the ability to access and interact with their 3D content in all available browsers, whether on desktop, tablet or mobile devices (IOS and Android) making it a great asset to automate the build of interactive online catalogues and parts lists directly from source CAD (supporting 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA V5, CREO, JT and NX).

Using Theorem’s 3D PDF solution to publish both PDF and HTML5 outputs at the same time, gives the user the best of both worlds, whilst offering a means to protect valuable intellectual property (IP).

Creating and sharing an interactive digital representation of the design data gives greater confidence when sharing sensitive information with partners and suppliers as content features and history constraints are removed, meaning native CAD data cannot be accessed or reproduced from the PDF file alone.

A standard PDF document has far greater functionality than most people are aware of. The best way to fully understand 3D PDF is to experience it. All that is required is access to the freely available Adobe reader or a web browser.

At a glance..

  • 3D content is available to anybody with access to Adobe reader or a web browser
  • 3D content is interactive and can be viewed, marked up and interrogated
  • No specialist CAD software is required, which means no training is required.
  • Data can be password protected, encrypted and DRM enabled
  • PDF can act as a Technical Data Package, using compression to reduce file size, and make it a portable host for a combination of documents and media
  • All of this is available as part of an integration with native CAD applications
  • Supports a model-based definition methodology
  • It suits many use cases and supports many different departments
  • It is the greenest way to securely share data.

Sharing interactive 3D content using the 3D PDF format with multi-platform browser support using HTML5 is opening up opportunities for securely sharing information within an organisation and up and down the supply/distribution chains.

The simplicity of 3D PDF, low cost, and ease of use is becoming the new way to exchange data, but it is still a bit of a well-kept secret.

If you haven’t already, the next step is test out some sample data in a browser which works really well on a mobile device..

Once you have tried the sample data, fill in our contact form and talk to us about trying your own data.