5 Benefits of Sharing 3DEXPERIENCE Design Data Using 3D PDF

Written by Jennifer Cox
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Do you need an easy way to share your 3DEXPERIENCE design data? CADPublish enables 3DEXPERIENCE users to seamlessly publish intelligent 3D PDF documentation directly from within their application.

CADPublish makes 3D design data and any associated engineering and manufacturing data accessible to non-CAD users in a single document, providing a simplified and more efficient method to communicate with customers and suppliers.

What will be covered?

We're going to cover How to Easily Create 3D PDFs and the 5 key benefits of using 3D PDF documentation to share your 3DEXPERIENCE design data:

1. Accessible by Anyone

2. Efficient Processes

3. Intelligent Documentation

4. Protect Your IP

5. Save Time and Money

How to Easily Create 3D PDFs

3DEXPERIENCE dropdown to export to 3D PDF

The 3D PDF document can be created directly from within 3DEXPERIENCE in a simple and intuitive process that makes sharing your 3DEXPERIENCE data easy. There are two options to choose from depending on what best suits your needs. ‘3D PDF Create’ is an entry-level application that delivers familiar ‘save as’/’export as’ functionality and enables users to publish to multiple branded documents simultaneously. If your organization requires the ability to batch process higher volumes of technical documentation, or a more ad hoc creation basis, ‘3D PDF Enhance’ delivers.

There are a wide range of pre-defined 3D PDF templates available, including: Work Instructions, Bill of Materials, and Technical Data Package. These can be adjusted to better suit your business’ needs, or alternatively new templates can be created to fit a wide range of use cases.

1. Accessible by Anyone

Once your 3D PDF document has been created, it's easy to share. PDFs are lightweight and emailable, and they are more likely to get through security filters since they're a recognisable format. 

Anyone with access to Adobe Acrobat Reader can open your document and interact with the 3D model, including non-CAD users. 3D PDFs allow users to rotate, cross section, view specific components, and more — providing them with all the information they need in a familiar format.

2. Efficient Processes

3D PDF template - PMI Analysis using 3DEXPERIENCE data

3D PDFs can include CAD data with Model-Based Definition (MBD). MBD is a process of including manufacturing information, such as annotations and dimensions, alongside your CAD model. With 3D PDFs, you can present this information, taken from native CAD, in an accessible format.

For organizations looking to go paperless, CADPublish is the perfect way to implement a seamless process and help create a greener way of working. By digitizing information that previously required paper technical drawings you can streamline your processes, making them more efficient and simple to understand.

3. Intelligent Documentation

3D PDF template - Technical data package using 3DEXPERIENCE data

3D PDFs can be used as a technical data package (TDP) to easily share information all in one place. Additional files can be attached to the 3D PDF document, such as PowerPoints, video, and spreadsheets, allowing you to provide additional context with your CAD data. 

Since CADPublish utilizes Dassault Systèmes APIs instead of reverse engineering the application, the data presented in our 3D PDFs is high-quality and very accurate. As a result, nothing is lost when creating your documentation.

4. Protect Your IP

Document open password for 3D PDF created from 3DEXPERIENCE

3D PDF files can be password protected for additional security, ensuring that your data is accessed by the correct people. This guarantees that your IP is protected, which is important when handling 3DEXPERIENCE data.

In addition, there are times where it’s useful to show someone a model, but you don’t want to send them the original CAD file. This may be because they’d be unable to open the file or, as is often the case when working with people outside the business, you could put your IP at risk. With 3D PDFs, you can send an accurate 3D model without sharing the CAD file — while still providing context to the end user, reducing ambiguity and improving communication.

5. Save Time and Money

Since 3D PDFs are simple to create with CADPublish, they can save you time reformatting your data to share with people with different CAD systems. Similarly, if you spend a lot of time taking screenshots to share with non-CAD users 3D PDFs are an excellent solution. 

Plus, if you need to share CAD models with other departments who only need to view 3DEXPERIENCE data you can save money with 3D PDFs. By utilizing your existing CAD licences users can simply make a 3D PDF document and share it with everyone.

In Summary

3DEXPERIENCE to 3D PDF offers the ability to easily share your 3DEXPERIENCE data with customers, suppliers, or non-CAD users in your own company. PDFs are a great way of sharing data, since almost anyone can open the file. 3DEXPERIENCE users can easily create 3D PDFs from within their CAD software, making data sharing simple.

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