Theorem-XR Q2 2022 delivers ease of use and adoption for XR

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 6 Min

Theorem-XR’s Q2 2022 release brings a whole host of exciting new features, and user-friendly updates to support the requirements ...

Spring Delivery sees Major Updates to CAD, 3D PDF and XR Suite

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 3 Min

Enabling CAD Translation, 3D PDF Publishing and Extended Reality A productive spring delivers updates to Theorem’s key CAD data ...

What’s new for Theorem-XR in the first release of 2022?

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 6 Min

Every release of Theorem-XR is packed with innovative new features and enhancements that are offering users the opportunity to ...

Discover XR solutions for CATIA users at COExperience 2022

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

After a 3-year hiatus, we are heading back to New Orleans for this year’s COE Experience (10-13 April) to showcase the latest ...

Re-engineered Augmented Reality app launched at latest Theorem-XR delivery

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 4 Min

Redesigned from the ground up, the latest Theorem-AR app released as part of the latest Theorem-XR rollout enables users to ...

Fast, Efficient and Automated CAD Data Preparation for XR

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

The latest release of Theorem-XR delivers a robust and format rich automated data preparation tool between CAD and XR using ...

Theorem-XR enables full support for Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Azure Remote Rendering

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 3 Min

The latest delivery of the Theorem-XR product portfolio sees the strongest support yet for the Microsoft HoloLens 2 and Microsoft ...

What’s new for Theorem-XR in it’s Q3 2021 release?

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 5 Min

A new Theorem-AR app and a new supported device are included in the Theorem-XR Q3 2021 release.

Exciting new enhancements supporting HoloLens 2, Quest 2 and Microsoft Azure included in the latest release of Theorem-XR

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 4 Min

The latest release of Theorem’s eXtended Reality suite for full scale visualization and remote collaboration, Theorem-XR, is now ...

Free access to VR for existing Theorem customers with the launch of CADverter-VR

By: Katharine Edmonds clock-icon 4 Min

Theorem are delighted to announce the launch of CADverter-VR, the FREE plug-in for existing users to explore their 3D CAD data at ...

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