Here are a list of events that Theorem currently plan to be exhibiting at in 2019. Please check back from time to time as more events, seminars and webinars will be added through out the year.

EWTS, Dallas, USA

EWTS, September 17th – 19th, Dallas, USA

Webinar: How to get 3D CAD into your XR applications

Monday 30th September (AM and PM sessions)

Webinar: How to get existing 3D CAD data in to XR applications.

3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3DCIC), Colorado, USA

3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress (3DCIC), 7-11 October, Golden, Colorado, USA

Siemens PLM Europe, Berlin, Germany

Siemens PLM Europe,October 7th – 9th, Berlin, Germany, 

AWE EUROPE 2019, Munich, Germany

AWE Europe, 17-18th October, Munich, Germany

VRARA Global Summit 2019, Vancouver, Canada

VRARA Global Summit, 1-2 November, Vancouver, Canada

VRX Immersive Enterprise, San Francisco,USA

VRX Immersive Enterprise, 12-13 December , San Francisco, USA 

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