Here are a list of events that Theorem currently plan to be exhibiting at in 2019. Please check back from time to time as more events, seminars and webinars will be added through out the year.

calendar8 January 2020

Thursday 23rd January 2020 (2PM EST)

Webinar: Leveraging CAD and PLM assets via 3D PDF

Duration: 30 minutes

The latest in our series of webinars, focusing on "Leveraging CAD and PLM assets via 3D PDF" will be on Thursday 23rd January at 2pm EST. Register here!*

The webinar will discuss the features and benefits of the interactive 3D PDF format and how it can be used to facilitate collaboration within organizations and supply chains, using existing CAD and PLM assets.  

3D PDF is the ideal choice when needing to share, exchange and consume CAD and PLM assets outside of the traditional engineering design space.

The standard features of an Adobe 3D PDF document make for the perfect interactive viewer. It is lightweight, portable and secure making it easy for CAD and PLM assets to be shared, exchanged and consumed outside of any source application, without requiring specialist knowledge.

Register here - 2PM (EST) * 

* Please note: You will be redirected to register directly with Webex. The session will recorded, so please register to receive a copy of the webinar after the event.

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