How To Render High-Quality Engineering Data in Microsoft HoloLens 2

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 5 Min

The breakthrough of Mixed Reality (MR) is taking engineering design to a new level, and early adopters of MR technologies, such ...

5 Ways the HoloLens 2 Can Improve Your Engineering Reviews

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 8 Min

Picture your design in CAD on your computer screen. You can view, manipulate, and review your data. Now ask yourself how that ...

3D PDF - The Easy First Step Towards Digital Transformation

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 6 Min

One of the most ironic aspects of the manufacturing industry is that organisations are constantly talking about digital ...

Creating Interactive Engineering Documentation Using Your 3D Data

By: Oliver Large clock-icon 5 Min

Using 3D PDF to Easily Share Your 3D CAD Data In today’s world of manufacturing, companies are leveraging every opportunity to ...

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